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3KW Wind turbine, 3000w wind generators, 3kw wind systems,
Your are here >>> Wind Turbine Generator ECO-3000W.

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ECO-3KW Wind Generator Body Nose cone,blade, Hub US$6,774.00/kit
generator DC240V + rotor
Tail Rod,Tail Vane
Tower and accessories free stand tower, 8M
off grid controller 240V 100A
off grid inverter 3KVA, DC240V
ECO-3000w Wind turbine output power curve       
wind speed m/s 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 22
output power P(w) 40 110 250 500 840 1260 1820 2520 3280 4260 4770 4980 4980 4800 4500 4120 3250 2100
ECO-3000w Technical parameters
Wind rotor diameter (m) 4
Blade material and quantity Fiber glass reinforced * 3
Rated power / max power (w) 3000/4500
Rated wind speed (m/s) 11
Rated rotate speed (rpm) 360
Working wind speed (m/s) 3-25
Startup wind speed (m/s) 3
Survived wind speed (m/s) 50
Working voltage (v) DC120V/240v AC220V
Battery voltage / capcity (v, ah) 12*10=120/200 12*20=240/100
Speed regulation method yawing and electromagnetic
Stop method Manual brake
Generator style Three phase, permanent magnet
Wind turbine weight (kg) 220
Guyed Tower height / weight (m/kg) 8/160
Free stand conical Tower height / weight (m/kg) 7/380
3KW Wind turbine, 3000w wind generators, 3kw wind systems,
ECO-3kw wind turbine generator packing details:
  Item name Packing size(m) Dimension Gross Weight(kg) packing no.
1  generator 1.16*0.79*0.47=0.45 m3 225 4
2 blade 2.06*0.44*0.38=0.35 m3 60
tail rod
3 tail vane 1.28*1.07*0.22=0.3 m3 52
4 hub 0.46*0.49*0.64=0.2 m3 38
nose cone
wire for brake
5  inverter 0.6 m3 180 1
6  controler 0.5 Mm3 160 1
7 tower 0.8 m3 760 3
Total 3.2 cubic meter 1475 kg 9 packages
Container load quantity: 7 sets 20’ft,    16 sets 40 'ft,    20sets 40'hc
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